1930s Style Large HO Scale Model Train Layout

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This is a 1930′s style model railroad called Douglassville Locomotive Works (DLW for short). This layout is located in Douglassville, PA. It took the owner, Jay Matz (and friends), 20 years to build this large layout, and it is still expanding! The rail line that runs two Shays and one Climax is “Pine Ridge Lumber” and the two main lines are “Berkshire and Allegheny” and “Neversink Railroad”.


Ken Benton says:

I love your layout and I don’t understand why anyone would have anything negative to say about it.I have a rather large layout myself and have enjoyed modeling most of my life. Modeling is for those with a passion for the hobby and it comes natural to enjoy being involved with it. I have never tired from it. You have done a very nice job, and have one of the nicest layouts that can be built, and I am glad to see some one else interested in model railroading! Never get SIDE TRACKED, hee-hee.

Dennis Alton Smith says:

Really nice and well done.

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